David Fredericks Computer Training For Senior Citizens

Focused on helping Toowoomba people over 60 as much as possible to learn basic computer literacy and Internet skills.

Personalised in-your-home coaching is available in Toowoomba City.

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David Fredericks
is the leading Toowoomba computer coaching professional specifically for seniors. You have most probably heard of his service by now. He is focused on helping people over 60 as much as possible to learn basic computer literacy and Internet skills.

Learn how to use the World Wide Web and email to keep in touch with loved ones, who are now commonly spread around the country. Use the web to make travel plans, book flights and hotels. David is a Windows 10 specialist, let his knowledge and experience work for you.

David takes customer complaints seriously and offers a 100% unconditional money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.

Fees: $50 p/h working people; $40 p/h pensioners; minimum one hour. No call out fee for Toowoomba City area.


The golden age of the web is upon us: Seniors (age 64 to 75) represent the fastest-growing segment of Internet users, clearly proving that you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks. These days, eyebrows no longer lift in amazement at the thought of senior citizens going online. In fact, they are heading into cyberspace in droves to access information on education, health, genealogy, hobbies, and more. Plus, online communication has proved to help the older population reduce isolation by staying in touch with family and friends.



Some seniors are initially intimidated and frustrated by computers. Although some retirement communities offer computer facilities, technical support may be fragmented or nonexistent. At-home personalised services are a better way for seniors to learn computer skills and become Internet-savvy. As part of his services, David helps his clients purchase their computers and peripherals, installs the equipment, and then teaches them how to use it.



Once they are online, seniors generally want to learn about word processing, personal finance, and desktop publishing software. They also enjoy playing computer games and conducting genealogy searches. David makes it part of his mission to keep seniors connected through the use of their computers. His services can often include teaching computer basics or more advanced skills, or providing assistance with equipment purchase, software, and equipment upgrades.





Using his over seven years of website design business experience, David can show seniors how to setup their very own website using freely available online tools.





Learn how to draw and paint with your computer. David teaches you how to use a commonly available program on your computer to paint with light. He will show you that the computer is a great medium for artistic and visual expression. Back in 1985 David pioneered the study of computer art in Queensland secondary schools with the first ever '7' rating for the new subject.



David Fredericks
Computer Coach

Toowoomba seniors computer literacy specialist

In-your-home personalised coaching available

Computer enthusiast for over 32 years

Affordable rates to suit most retirees

Positive notice Yellow Card for disabilities

Talk to me today on (07) 4633 2313



Education as we know it is changing rapidly. The classroom is no longer the only option to receive a world class education. With nothing more than an Internet connection and a computer you have the potential to develop knowledge and skills that will far outweigh the things you would learn just by attending school. The great thing about the school of life is that there are no grades, no tests, or requirements. It's purely about the joy of learning.



Taking charge of your mind and thought processes, is taking charge of your life.  100's have accessed this excellent free download. Benefit now and  share it with your friends.


David is giving back to his community. See David Fredericks Foundation


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